Shelley Mantei founded theitlists.com as part of the Glam.com network in 2006 (forever in fashion blog years!). The It Lists help busy women define their personal beauty, life and fashion style – vogue nirvana. It’s a trend blog featuring the “it” bag, “it” girl, or “it” scoop! Shelley is also a public relations & social media consultant Mediatonic PR for life + style brands. She’s a Vancouver import who now calls Toronto (Canada) home, but is always scooting somewhere to bring you jetsettera tales. Twitter: @shelleymantei


4 F’s of my life are Family, Friends, Fashion, & Food.”  Tas Goel is a free spirit, always the social(media) butterfly in any setting. Her work with 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games allowed her to showcase the cities “best” of everything. People are always calling on this “girl in the know” for all things travel, relationship & trendy. When she’s not eating, jetsetting somewhere fabulous or downward dogging, she blogs her personal thoughts at Tassy Style.

Don’t worry there will be something soon because we have a lot to tell about our amazing team. They are always in the middle of a zillion projects and in the know of the it list gadgets, events, grand openings, testing new products, checking out the latest flicks, or in the know of the next Ellie Goulding.


With a fierce pair of shoes, Crystal Carson struts about town from one fabulous event to another.  With her creative styling eye, her media savvyness and flair for events, she is the entertainment rockstar.  As she leaves her stylist footprint at Fresh Magazine and Global TV, she gets sneak peaks of what’s coming down the runway (score for you!). You can watch more of her here at Crystal Carson Style. And she has her stilettos in a zillion other things!


For over 14 years, Jim Gordon has been the Film/DVD Critic on theFriday CTV News at 5pm; plus provided film reviews to a number of Vancouver radio stations. Since 2003, Jim has Co-Hosted/Produced the weekly TV show, The Travel Guys, and has filmed nearly 100 episodes all over the world. Jim co-Authored Vancouver View Magazines column, “The Hot Sheet,” which covers movies, music, food, wine, nightlife, and travel. Before that, Jim spent 10 years as the Senior Entertainment Columnist for Vancouver Lifestyles Magazine.