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Heart “it” Day

Valentine’s Day is truly the easiest holiday to show your crush…that you’re crushing. The retail gods make it simple! Here are some last minute gift ideas:New in the relationship and want to go simple: ...
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Fashionable Snail Mail “it”

Thank you notes aren’t just for weddings and baby showers.You were invited to some shi-shi event, were treated to that large latte with no foam soy, your bestie stepped up an put your ex in his place. These...
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Journal “it”

Computer, blackberry, i phone...sometimes do you forget to step away and fantasize for a moment?Computers keep us connected to the real world, but what keeps us connected to our feelings and fantasies? The ...
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Fitness Gets Funky

Leave it to design maestro Philippe Starck to give us ergonomically designed Dumbbells that come in silver aluminum with metal inserts or in an anodised gold finish . The gold set weighs 2 kilos, the silver set weighs 3 kg.
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iWood iPhone

Here's another cool phone cover from Miniot iWood - and a bit more masculine - for protecting your iPhone 3G. Especially this case inspired by a Shelby Cobra.Each case is carved from a single piece of wood ...
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The “it” Xmas Quick List

Are you shopping for gifts in the 11th hour of Christmas frenzy? Here are our "it" list picks for gifts to pick up on the fly.1-IPOD Touch (just happens to be the most requested) 2-Anything from Tiffany (e...
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Stocking “it” List – Eco-Bag

Following the “It’s Not A Plastic Bag” trend (only one of 'the' most buzzed about eco-fashion find) there are more reusable bags than ever. But the problem is that I never remember to take the...