Someone spoiled me with this birthday treat – a Love at First Blush reversible feather pendant. The feather is faux, but the leather is super soft. It’s two-tone silver grey on one side, and white feathers on the other.

love blush_feather set  love blush_feather earring

Love at First Blush was founded by Sabrina Chin. She works with leather in traditional methods, but also explores how leather can be transformed into jewelery by experimentation and unexpected techniques. Nature and winged creatures inspire Chin’s statement leather earrings, necklaces, and cuffs.

Love blush_big feather jewelSimilar to my necklace these leather feather earrings are dipped in gold and embellished with chains. And the cool part of this larger feather necklace is that the stitching encloses a wire so the whole creation is bendable.

For a little funkier look her leather cuffs are fantastic. My fave are these Studded Leather Butterfly Fingerless Glove – Nine Lives Collection. However, I’m not surprised her Love at First Blush Signature Laser Cut Glove has appeared in the Hollywood flick, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters.

Insider Tip: The reversible pendant is on sale here.



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