3D printing isn’t going to make you a tube of YSL Volupte (yet) but it is making new jobs!

In the beauty biz – the next champion will be the new super skilled worker who is versed in both digital and practical FX makeup skills. 

The ultimate film-buff smackdown is: are you team practical effects or team digital effects? Movie industry wizardry used to be done primarily through practical FX with makeup, props, and animatronics (think Jurassic Park T-Rex). Digital FX are now the norm for creating the movie magic you see in most summer blockbusters, but they’re often missing the grit of practical effects (think The Matrix). The answer is that you need both (think Ex-Machina). CMU Digital Makeup effects

This hot industry trend led Toronto’s CMU College of Makeup Art & Design to be the first in Canada to train both – and now joins ranks with only a handful of schools in UK and the USA. The cool thing is that means more women will be able to step over the geeky side of digital effects. And more men will step up to learn makeup effects.

The curriculum of the new 17-week Digital Makeup Effects Artist Program: Creature and Character Design blends life drawing, traditional figurative sculpture, an intro to 3D scanning and printing, online portfolio creation, Photoshop; and ZBrush, the industry standard for digital sculpting. Grads receive a diploma and a killer combo skill set so they can score jobs in film, television, video gaming, toy design, prototyping, special effects; and 3D scanning, printing, and modelling.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 10.47.03 AM  exmachina makup effects

And you thought your Instagram makeup retouching skills rocked. Ready to get your 3D on?