black honey corrineBrighton, UK’s Black Honey is one of the indie bands to watch for 2016. If Lana Del Rey was in a rock band, it would sound like Black Honey.

Izzy Baxter, (vocals, guitar) Chris Ostler (guitar), Tommy Taylor (bass), Tom Dewhurst (drums) have been under the proverbial radar for over a year and they rather like it that way. “If it was my way we’d still be a secret band,” claims the singer –Spotify plays are fast approaching the million mark so unfortunately they made the mistake of writing some good songs.

With all that new attention that makes lead singer, Izzy Baxter, one to watch. And she’s our new “it” girl. Complete with peroxide locks, her ode to 70s style, and a flash of sass in her Dr Martin boots.

We are instantly in love because she’s all kinds of edgy awesome.

Listen: to Spinning Wheel.


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