Strobing is the new beauty trend that will help you channel your inner glow.

The concept is easy — by using makeup products a shade or two darker and lighter than your skin tone, you make features recede and pop as desired.

Strobing is all about the highlighter, applied where light would naturally hit your face. Think: your cheekbones, brow bones, the center of your forehead, down your nose, and on your chin.

HOW TO: 1) after you’ve applied your normal foundation then 2) dab on these soft, shimmery illuminator shades to make your complexion look head-turning radiant, fresh, and healthy.

Strobing-makeup-trendThe key to pulling off this technique is using a light hand. Apply a little bit of product at a time and gradually build coverage to amp up the shine; less is more. Look for a highlighter that contains shimmer, not glitter.

People with very fair skin should focus on using opalescent or pearl highlights. Medium skin can choose shades ranging from champagne neutral to more golden highlights. Deep to dark skin looks beautiful with golden or even copper highlights.

10 Best Strobing Highlighters

More Strobing Highlighters

Tip: many of which can be mixed into foundation and moisturiser for an overall glow, or applied directly to cheekbones and other areas for a targeted strobe.

Skip the bronzer, contouring is dead. And just go easy on the disco ball look.


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