Adult coloring books. Yes, this is a thing. A zen thing.

What makes adult coloring books so awesome is that there is a crossover with mindfulness and also with mantras: activities in which the brain is engaged just enough to stop it from whirring, but not so much that the concentration is draining.

You can color while commuting, with a coffee, in front of the TV, or unwind before bed (put away the smartphone!).  Here’s a tip: you’ve just found the perfect gift for a bed-ridden friend.

PC036170-730x542Not only is the boom sending shockwaves through the publishing world, it’s also inspiring artists to think outside the lines. This past summer Five of Amazon’s top 10 last week were adult colouring-in books, as were six of Brazil’s top 10 non-fiction list. Last year in France, the combined colouring-in industry sold $3.5m books.

While the trend has been fueled through social media, it has also spawned all sorts of offline gatherings — think coloring clubs, meet-ups, even coloring parties at bars.

Some docs say the simple act of staying in the lines can help reduce stress and enhance focus and creativity. So go forth, and feed your inner child!

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