A behind-the-scenes look at the magic photo editing process behind blogger, Marianna Hewitt’s (LifeWithMe.com) Instagram photos and her tips are SO good!

It’s not that celebs and fashion bloggers have mad ‘phone camera’ skills that you don’t possess, it’s that you don’t have the right photo editing apps. Many of them at a very reasonable cost or free.

Watch this video to up your Insta-game!

  1. Facetune for photo touch up like how Hewitt fixes hair probs or face touch ups she uses Facetune. If you’re looking for free options try YouCam Perfect and Perfect365 (the tool of choice for the Kardashians’ selfie stash).
  2. Snapseed you caBlur Iphonen add filters and grunge textures, or use extra functions like tilt-shift which transitions background into a smooth blur (like a full size camera could). Controlling the filters are slightly more advanced in Snapseed because you control several options within each filter, but the userface is highly intuitive making this one of the better editing apps.
  3. Faded is packed with a lot of photo-editing features. Including a collection of 70 film-inspired filters, 34 are free and 36 are premium available by in-app purchase.
  4. VSCOcam VSCO gets massive kudos as an editing app with a great camera.  They offer advanced functions, including shutter speed and white balance controls, which can keep colors accurate in your photos.  The filters are few but have a great variety.
  5. Bonus – After Focus: It really only does one key thing, but it does it very well. This app messes with the range of sharp focus in a photograph (tech term: Shallow depth of field) typically only achieved with a full-size camera and a multi-element lens.


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