What do Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce Knowles & Canadians have in common? Beauty expert Derrick Rutledge.

Oprah’s beauty expert and head make-up artist, Derrick Rutledge has just launched his own product line in Canada. For the launch of his own product line, OOH Lifestyle, Derrick has chosen Canada as its first market. No wonder Beyonce is a fan, this is the world’s first line of beauty products featuring NATURALCEUTICALS™ – the new approach to beauty that incorporates organic elements and healing benefits.
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To start the launch of his collection is OOH Saloncare. It has botanical extracts, essential oils, fruit acids and other active ingredients which detoxify the scalp, oil glands and hair.  What make this an “it” girl’s product though is the key ingredient in the shampoo and conditioner: glycolic acid – something normally found in skin products, except now Derrick has brought it to OOH Saloncare.

Hey, every girl needs to protect her locks in summer heat – and a little scalp exfoliating is bonus!

Guest Writer – Stephanie Murao

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