Winter weather spells many things for fashionistas and ‘It’ girls, with one of our favourites being the chance to wrap ourselves in luxurious and attractive knitwear ensembles. To achieve the style status that you crave try matching the right handbag to your choice of knit.

Gone are the days when women invested in a single handbag to use on a daily basis; now, these items are changed sporadically and each new outfit must have matching arm-candy.


Whether you’re planning on sporting a traditional knit skirt, a cozy Christmas jumper or the ever-popular knit dress you must choose your handbag carefully. To start off here are 2 of my fave handbags to go with kn”it”wear:

1. Compton Exotic Hobo Shoulder Bag
This loosely shaped offering from Radley is an obvious “it” choice. Made from soft leather, but featuring a delicate snakeskin pattern, the texture really stands out against knits.

The crescent shape gives the bag a softer edge and allows it to integrate seamlessly with other accessories whilst the tassel adornment injects some extra style. Perfect for casual and office wear, this is the ideal bag to bridge the transition between work and play.

2. 3D Embroidery Clutch Bagf48748c8914535cb50b7f12b5aa821bc
This elegant and sexy bag from Karen Millen is a great winter option with a touch of sass. Standing in sharp contrast against the aggressively square shape, the feminine embroidery adds a real depth of style and looks great against a classic knit jumper and legging ensemble.

Since there are plenty of more where that came from check back tomorrow for two more ravishing handbags to go with knITwear.

Guest Writer – Cindy Liu