I’ve been dishing about the handbags to achieve your ultimate knitwear fashion statement. Yesterday I shared with you two of my fave handbags (read here) to wear with winter knit”it”wear, and today I have two more!


3. Cambridge Classic Satchel.
Satchels are one style you can rely on to look great with just about anything. I love this Cambridge Classic Satchel which features a double buckle fastening with a simple shape. Great with knit work attire, this satchel adds a real sense of class and looks great in a deep and elegant navy colour.

Alternatively, those who want something a little more modern can find the Cambridge Classic Satchel in a more elaborately decorated design. This Harrods exclusive, plastered with everyone’s favourite Disney character Mickey Mouse, is a great alternative for those who are looking for a more adventurous look.



4. Aldgate Medium Grab Bag
Another offering from the style gurus at Radley, is one of my personal picks for a ton of reasons: the straight shape of the bag and firm handles give it a quaint and cutesy edge that screams Ugly Betty style while the soft material and delicate embellishment match any knit perfectly.

It is available in a number of different colours, but I absolutely love it in a deep garnet red since it exudes festive fashion with ease.

Guest Writer – Cindy Liu

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