If you haven’t heard of the blog, The Sartorialist, then it’s time to turn off Project Runway and hit the blogs.

The Satorialist isn’t your ordinary fashion blog. Not only does it feature some of the best street style, but it also creates a two-way dialogue about the world of fashion and its relationship to daily life.


Scott Schuman — the mastermind and photographer behind The Sartorialist — spent his first time to the west coast, at Vancouver’s Secret Location, for the singing of his latest book, Closer.

And with my bad luck, the girl in front of me bought the last book, so I opted for a limited edition print of the girl with the teal colored turbin. (It’s my favorite photo from the book!)

The line was out the door and people were buzzing to meet the street style maven. Everyone was dressed in their best and it was wild to see so many well-dressed people with so many different styles. People definitely do not dress that creatively in Winnipeg — my hometown.

I was hoping Scott would sign my poster as a love note, instead I got stars. But I don’t think he’s seen the last of me. I’m sure one day he’ll stop me in the streets of London, and ask to take my photograph.

Guest Writer – Lauren Best

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