Ever woken up feeling completely wrecked when the alarm clock goes off, despite the fact that you have slept “enough” hours?  “Good Morning” ring like an oxymoronic start to the day for you?  Do you hit the snooze button for 45 minutes?

Then you’re going to love this little iPhone app: Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock. When the above happens you’ve probably been awakened during a deep sleep phase, and your whole day can turn into one long zombie marathon.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock monitors your sleep patterns all night long as you move between light and deep sleep cycles in order to calculate a target ‘wake-up window’. Then in that window it will wake you up when you reach a point of light sleep. Pro: you’re never startled out of a deep sleep by your alarm, which leaves you feeling better rested right when you wake up and allowing you to get up out of bed after the first alarm.

sleep cycle alarm

This isn’t really something new. These so called bio-alarm clocks have been around for years and work very well, but they usually come with a hefty $200 price tag. “I realized that the iPhone has all the components needed, and decided to make an alarm clock that works exactly the same, but sell it for a dollar or two instead.” Maciek Drejak, the programmer behind the application.

I’m so not a morning person, but the demands of my work have me at my desk by 7:30am. Sometime earlier when I’m navigating projects in different time zones. I’ve only been using this for a week, but already give it two thumbs up (very worth the $0.99).

Download Sleep Cycle Alarm  Clock HERE.



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