Musik2Guess what I found in Toronto? The Souks. I’m here for work and my first night out – with one of my besties Carla, Sherry and Marcella – we went to the birthday party of Zlatko, the owner of Muzik.

It started by following a path of lanterns and girls holding their souk signs and showing ours. We wandering into the outdoor patio area that was transformed into a scene from my recent Marakech trip. Amazing.

And when it started to rain a little and the sheer day beds just wouldn’t cut it we knew where to go…


Inside we were treated to a catered buffet of mango sweets to butter chicken. yum! After dinner we made our way to the beauty zone. Rose champers while getting pretty.



Just as the night was starting to ramp up with Jay Z’s official DJ  – Young Guru. And then before we went onto Bloke & 4th we of course had to walk by random fiddler guy by the pool! Oh Toronto – you are interesting!









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