Sarah Symonds InfidelityOn the heels of the April premier of “The Real Housewives of Vancouver”(which I will watch once only to assure myself it is the train wreck it looks to be) – now comes another Vancouver reality show.

This one more promising. Sarah Symonds’ yet un-named new TV series on SliceTM will have the author and relationships expert (she’s been featured on Oprah, Dr Phil, Anderson) dish advice to women in affairs.

One of our local fave designers, Jacqueline Conoir will be providing the wardrobe for Sarah for the series. So we had to join JC Studios for their hosted evening with Sarah Symonds. Over wine (or Rule #13 as Sarah calls it) she shared anecdotes and stories as the other woman’ to famous men like Gordon Ramsay, as well as describing her empowering journey to self-discovery.

In between the chat I did a little shopping. Have you seen the JC Spring/Summer collection yet? And I also enjoyed watching my male friend squirm a bit in the highly women dominated room, a true bestie wingman.

Sarah describes her new show like “Intervention” meets “Sex and the City”. Apparently Vancouver is unparalleled for infidelity. She speculates because it’s one of the top cities to live, and where success and money resides – so does temptation. She calls Vancouver: Infidelity in the City.

Sarah Symonds Slice TV

Sarah states, “I’m thrilled to be dressed by Jacqueline Conoir for my new show. Her collection is powerful, confident and feminine, which echoes my own mission statement to women; be strong and take charge of your life, but remember to keep things feminine too.”

To find out more info, or email casting team at

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