Do you stare at a closet full of clothes and still feel you have nothing to wear?

I call myself the “one wear wonder” I wear a dress once and then back to the closet it goes. With pictures posted on all social media channels how dare I wear the same thing twice!

That’s why the closet hoarders at TIL are ecstatic Vancouver is hosting its first ever Refashion event.  This is a great opportunity to sell your brand name clothes that you just don’t wear anymore.

Refashion closet

Whether you are selling items you bought online that just don’t fit right or from that shopping spree you went on after too many mimosas – we have all had a lapse in judgment when it comes to clothes. And its a great opportunity for you frugal fashionistas to come down and shop for some great finds!

Spring cleaning is just around the corner so assess your wardrobe – take note of what you need and can sell. I usually consign – but this year I’m going to take an extra step of sifting through them to see what can be refashioned for someone else!

For information on renting or sharing a table with a fellow shopaholic visit Refashion Vancouver 

Reduce. Reuse. Refashion – this is our way of being eco-chic and friendly!!

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