fuji-instax-cameraJust because Polaroid is out of the game doesn’t mean instant photography is dead. Thankfully, Fujifilm has brought back the retro fun of instant cameras with their Instax line –  just in time for the Holidays!

Both the Fuji Instax Camera Mini 50S and Mini 7S are sleek and stylish in design, producing clear credit card sized photos complete with the vibrant colour Fujifilm is known for.  If you don’t mind upgrading a size, the Instax 210 shoots slightly larger photos using Instax Instant Wide Film. The super-wide format allows you to fit more in your frame. Every Instax camera comes with auto flash, auto focus, and electronic shutter speed of 1/64th to 1/200th of a second to ensure that every moment is captured in an instant.

Compared to Polaroid, Instax film is easier to find and much easier on the wallet, with a pack of 20 selling for $19.99 on Amazon. Digital is great but now you can share the “moment” and add life to a holiday party – instantly!

Plus it’s a stylists dream – you can match and choose your outfit like your very own Clueless Cher. Even Rachel Zoe gives this little instant her instant approval.

Guest Writer ~ Elivia Spence

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