Scandinave-WhistlerWinter-2010TL06You had me at no cell phones. But confused me at no talking, period. Then after an hour I was sold.

There is no better way to check out of the real world and start your Whistler escape than Scandinave Spa.

These are the rules: No cellphones, no cameras, no talking. Relax.

The eco-conscious spa features a Eucalyptus steam bath, wood burning Finnish sauna (the crackling is serene), outdoor hot baths, thermal and Nordic waterfalls, solariums and terraces, relaxation areas and hammocks, outdoor fireplaces, and an onsite bistro and boutique.

My guest and I didn’t partake in the massages and spa services – instead decided to experience the hydrotherapy of the baths– which refers to the use of hot and cold water to promote health – cite numerous benefits, including cleansing your body of toxins, improving circulation, soothing aches and pains, cleansing the skin…and relieving stress.

Once you’ve brought your body’s heat up in the steam bath, hot baths or Finnish sauna, a cold plunge is considered a good way to continue. Hot to cold, and repeat. And that we did.
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The hot pools are 40C and cold pools range from 15 to 20C (but feel colder! Shockingly colder!). The steam room is a eucalyptus, sinus-clearing 43 degrees C and the wood-burning sauna maxes at 85 degrees C.

Ah-mazing. I’d be lying to you if I didn’t admit that the “hush police” (my nickname – not official) did have to hush my date and I for flirty whispering. But we quickly got on program and it was truly a highlight of our Cornucopia experience. It is an “it” on any Whistler agenda.

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