Elsa Peretti BottleTiffany’s has released a collection of pendants in shapes much like the curvaceous silhouettes that adorn the seascapes of the summer season.

Legendary Tiffany designer, Elsa Peretti’s is the artist behind the Bottle collection. Her vision was to create a jewels that are a simple sculpted shape much like the vases that would hold the flowers from the many adoring men in her life. Like any successful woman she is too busy to carry her own flowers, so these funky little pendants are the perfect place to keep a reminder of her budding romances.

In addition to the classic open Bottle pendant, new Bottle pendants for 2011 include cute rotund models in sterling silver or 18 karat gold, and square and jug shapes in sterling silver. Other Bottle shapes reflect Peretti’s love of gemstones, with new hand-carved stoppers in turquoise, lapis lazuli or black jade. All of Elsa Peretti’s Bottle pendants pair naturally with this summer’s loose, flowing silhouettes.

These luxe little bottles make me want to wiggle my nose to find myself sipping vino in Portofino, on a garden terrace while basking in the glorious sun.




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