When I bought my first pair of wide legged pants about 5 years ago, I accepted that they may become a fad, and came to terms with having to remove them from my wardrobe when they went out of style (but they never did).

Every year the wide leg trouser makes it’s return, whether with sailor-esque tailoring, linen high waisted 70’s inspired, or low and drawstring. Each Spring, I happily pull them out of my closet.

There are many reasons that these trousers come back every spring/summer; they’re comfortable, breezy and emit a certain “resort wear” feeling. But wide legged bottoms are not for everyone and must be styled properly as to not look messy!

If you’re short: purchase your trousers long and always wear them with a pair of stacked espadrilles, the wide leg can make petite women look stubby, so command a lean line with height.

If you’re tall: You can get away with many styles. I usually have a casual (reg length) pair I can wear with sandals, and a slightly dressier (longer length) pair I wear with wedges. Tailoring makes the difference between your look being casual or dressy.

If you’re fuller figured: don’t go too wide with the leg as it can make you appear fuller than you are; always wear with a tailored top to keep some body structure, and opt for a darker trouser as darker colours make you look leaner.

Guest Writer ~ Laura Norbury


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