Turn your Old Tees into a New Outfit for your Computer. Yup!

Ladies, it’s spring cleaning time aka getting rid of those old clothes. And yes that ragged t-shirt you’ve been holding on for so long. Solution on how to get rid: Hello Rewind will help turn your favorite tees into a stylish computer sleeve.

On an inspiring note, company’s goal is to fight sex trafficking so they hire former sex trade workers to make the stylish transformation; by cutting out the design and sewing it up with batting, felt and velcro.
Hello Rewind.jpg
First choose a laptop size (13″, 15″ or 17″). Hello Rewind mails you a pre-paid envelope to send your chosen t-shirts. Within 4-8 weeks, your computer will have something cool to wear.  It costs about $49.99 USD and you’ll be supporting sex trafficking survivors. It’s win-win! Hello Rewind states the remaining profits are recycled back into the company to that they can grow the business to support even more women.

Love a concept that empowers! Out with the old, in with the new.

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