953476-p-MULTIVIEWThe Over-the knee Boot is an addition to your wardrobe that you NEED to invest in this Fall. Seriously.

Oh how I covet thee!  An instant way to amp up almost any outfit with a cheeky sexiness that will draw stares and I don’t mean in a ‘Pretty Woman’ type of way…there is a significant difference between an ‘over-the-knee’ boot and a ‘thigh-high’ boot.  This boot should graze the top of your-knee cap, no higher.

When you go  on your hunt don’t be overwhelmed by the variety, as this boot’s done in suede, leather, with & without embellishments (studding, zippers, etc.) and in a tons of 953396-p-MULTIVIEWcolors and heel heights.  Take your wardrobe and lifestyle into consideration when making your choice to get the most value.  Do you wear a lot of leathers and biker inspired pieces that would complement a high-heeled zippered version? or do you wear more wools and cashmere’s that would go perfectly with a flat suede boot?

I highly recommend looking to the Stuart Weitzman collection for this trend as it is bang-on with every different version made of this boot from high-heeled with buckles, kitten-heeled with zippers and his best seller two-years in a row the ’50/50′ which is a flat suede version.

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