carmenDont’ groan at our pick for this month’s “it” girl. We debated on if this was a sad publicity stunt or pretty damn ballsy. Since we try to be opinionated AND open minded to what beauty and “it” means…Nicole brings you: Carmen Electra

Call me the bad girl out of the writers here on or maybe call me the rocker.  I’m dying for a new look – I’ve been in the bathroom trying to decide if my face is too small for a bald patch.  Sometimes you just see something on someone and you think “it’s just so it!  But you couldn’t possibly pull it off.”

With a wrong choice of a wacky new coat or a wild handbag you can recover from…but from an exposed piece of scalp (not so much).  I wish I had the guts – so let’s not forget that being gutsy is one type of “it girl.”

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  1. Michelle

    Definitely an extreme “it” moment. Shaving your head is a big thing, especially when you try to make it stylish.