unwatchSometimes I dress a lil’ ghetto. Sometimes I like to rock the electro bop, or dress up. So check out this new accessory that doesn’t miss a beat no matter what mood you’re in.

Denise Reytan has taken the concept of the watch to a new level with this very cool  T1mepeace.’  Its sleek design looks like a watch, but is merely just the outline. I call it the un-watch because the symbolism behind it reminds you to stop watching the time and start living your life!

It also is the un-watch because you can really wear it with virtually every time piece of clothing you have and it will fit, making this piece truly Timeless.

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  1. chickdowntown.com Angie

    I’m not sure if you can wear the un-watch with every outfit, but I like the symbolism behind it a lot.

    I love it when designers can back up their work with symbolism. It truly underlines the reason why I love fashion: because it is an art.