hp-mini vivienne tamIs there such thing as a fashionable laptop?

Most would say of course!  The Mac!  But amazing as they are, does the sleek polished appearance count as a fashion statement or is it simply a trend?

In an attempt to win over the PC fashionista’s in their market, Hewlett-Packard teamed up with Vivienne Tam to make a limited edition laptop that will make you want to trade your apple for a peony.

The peony design is what really stood out in Tam’s Spring 2009 collection and is what makes the HP Mini Vivienne Tam edition a true statement piece.  (And really isn’t that what fashion is all about, making a statement?)  This notebook has a 10.1″ display, weighs in at only 2.45lbs and is merely 1″ thick.  It retails for $699.00USD which will also get you a matching Vivienne Tam sleeve or you could opt for the exclusive tech-chic bundle which includes a matching Vivienne Tam scarf and tote for $899.00USD.

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  1. Bench

    wow that laptop looks amazing!it would be nice if most of em lookes like that!!