9781402210822.jpgIn a time when “green”,“organic” and “eco-friendly” aren’t just mainstream terms, but also mantras, the idea of going green is understood to be so important yet they also conjure up images of giving up the luxuries you love. But now environmentally conflicted consumers can take heart with this new book:

Green Chic: Saving the the Earth in Style by Christie Matheson is a girlie book about going green. It’s written in a chatty format that’s easy to read. More like a girl dishing her fav green nuggets to the eco-curious.

Celebrate Earth Day with some tips on wash and care of all your pretty things to how to be savvy about cosmetic packaging. Some of the info is more of a reminder, but the book is packed full of online resources and info on “why” to make eco-choices.

Happy Earth Day All!

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