Cute shoes! – thanks they’re [whisper] jessica simpson. It cracks me up when my gal pals whisper with guilt that they purchased the pop tart’s shoes. I am unabashedly proud of my Jessica purchases. I first discovered her when I was ‘tipsy’ on chardonnay and went shopping. I bought the shoes a size too small, bless the vino, but adored the shoes.
And I’m not disappointed by Jessica Simpson’s fall 2007 round up starting to appear. Jessica’s Henri Scarlet Plaid Combo (search EC1051470 at is a nice simple pump in plaid is the perfect way to bring a dab of color and pattern into your outfit. Love the red plaid.

Here’s a cute bronze flat for a totally different option of Simpson.

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  1. fabuloustaste

    I agree! She does make some really cute pumps! I love the height of heel that you usually see from her- i guess it makes sense since she is so short! If you like her shoes, you have to see They cary the same really sexy high heeled styles with a little higher quality