ashlee_simpson_bazaar.jpgI have this nasty guilty pleasure. It’s for cheesy girl music. I think the princess of my vice is Ashlee Simpson.

Okay she’s a bit insecure and hypocritical about "being me" and then running off to grab a nose job to compete with sis Jessica. She even survived being busted for lip synching on SNL.

Which was just stupid because the girl can sing. Her album, I Am Me is her best, but I still love  to rock out to La La off of Autobiography.

And now Ashlee is growing up and finding a chic new image (but we know the punk pop roots are still there). Her appearance in Harper’s Bazaar (May 2007) and US Magazine voting her the Swan, are both telling signs this late bloomer will continue to blow us away with her transformation. Go Ashlee Go (but don’t go too glam, and loose all that spunky edge).

And just for the record – personally I like the old nose better. But either way she’s an "it."

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5 Responses

  1. patrice

    this is one of the only postive things I have read about Ashlee in a long time. It’s so refreshing! I agree completely 100% with everything you said! I definately agree she should be an “it”! Thanks for writing something finally postiive about Ashlee!

  2. Melony

    I just LOVE the new look Ashlee Simpson has these days! She has a style that makes her look mature, elegant and fun all at the same time. I see a lot of clothes with this same style at one of my fav sites and I think everyone should take a look. I know you’ll love it!

  3. Tee

    I never understand when people say that ashlee got a nose job to “to compete with sis Jessica” excuse me for sounding catty, but has anyone seen her sister’s nose? imho big sis jessica could use a little nipping and smoothing herself in the nose department!!! her profile looks like the old dick tracy comic…how is ashless competing with sis by filing her nose? yikes!

    and while jessica really plays the dumb blonde to the hilt (her career has been based on this brainless character)…ashlee is really ashlee not afraid to go from brunette punk to grown up blonde with moxy…rock & roll roots and all! props to her