I pay attention to buzz words that you don’t need a chemist degree to pronounce. So when I kept on hearing paprika I noticed.


Awhile back Elle did this little write up on an underground find from Budapest import ilike Organic Skin Care, and how it heals breakouts with pepper extract. Capsaicin isn’t just for bear spray – it now also scares off zits!

Over one weekend I became a believer. I’ve tried ’em all…Proactiv to Origins Spot Remover, and more. As an adult I probably struggle more with breakouts than I ever did. I thought we were supposed to grow out of this stuff? ilike’s Paprika Treatment for Acne is the first blemish help that has made me sigh.

It’s amazing how it releases clogged pores (especially those nasty ones that just hurt) and alleviates swelling. Don’t be scared by the $40 price tag…this hot, Hungarian cherry-pepper power is worth every penny.

www.sweetiefacespa.com, www.realskinhealth.com or US and Canada 1-888-290-6238.

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7 Responses

  1. The Jetset

    The Jetset was just in Budapest not too long ago. Paprika acne fixes were unfortunately not amongst the presents we brought home… 😉

  2. Debby

    This stuff totally works. They also have some other treatments that work too. Sulfuric moisture that helped control my oily chin. WOW