Avril Lavigne has gone from a girl that couldn’t decide on her own what hoodie she should wear "um, the blue one or the red one," to a glammed up woman.

Okay she still rocks out in a hoodie now and again, but now it’s from her collection of many. "I have a million hoodies. I layer them over everything – from cute T-shirts and jeans to dresses [via Lucky Magazine]."

Still our littlle Skat8R girl is all grown up and her new album, The Best Damn Thing, hits stores TODAY. With the spunky hit, Girlfriend, I finally have a song to crank and make Saturday dusting bearable – move over ‘Stars are Blind’!  But be ready for love struck vocals (marriage will do that to a girl), and drums from Travis Barker. Listen at Avril’s My Space.

Avril recommends you find your inner wild chid with a few of her favorite things: red nails, black pumps, diamond studs, and Sass & Bide Jeans. And for her new blonde highlights she’s obsessed with Kerastates Age Recharge Deep Conditioner.

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13 Responses

  1. Bink

    Avril, i love you sooooooo much! Your deff. the best ever! i am totally insane about your music and your clothes adn YOU!!!! i jus love your style! all my friends call me their Avril cause im always listening to your music and dressing like you!!!!!my dream is to meet you someday adn i hope that someday my dream will come true!!!!(your should tour to PA sometime) i’d deff be the first one to get there adn the last to leave!!!!

  2. Fareeha nawsheen

    I lke Avril Lavigne so much cause she is cool.

  3. sita

    Um… I thinks Avril is very smart
    but I don’t like this album more than last 2albums

    but is o.k … I just wanna say U R only one of my idol.




  5. em

    why do u care wot avril looks like! dat dunt matter i like her just bein herself! shes cool either way.

  6. emily

    avril is so cool i luv her. i think she should tour near derby in the uk dat wud b ded cool id definetly cum 2 c her even if it cost 1 million quid! shes really awesome!

  7. Anna

    I think avril is really cool and hot and i like ‘when you’re gone’ very much!!!

  8. Sabrina M

    I love Avril Lavigne she is the best and cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love her style and Songs! I wish I could meet Avril!!!

  9. gia limon

    hi Avril Lavigne !! you rock! idol!!! i love you so much,, i really like your style, your songs mostly your impact through music!! i love punk.. i want to meet you sooner!

  10. genia

    I think avril lavigne is awesome the best song that i like by her is “things i’ll never say” because it describes me so much cause this guy dan’t even know i exzist an dat is ever thing i want him to say an i want to see from him 🙁