Spring is sprunging, and I don’t want to wreck any more shoes! The last round of walking the dog in the rain ended up with one Nine West wedge, wedged in the mud and one bare foot. Not my prettiest moment.

So I’m determined to find a cute pair of rain or rubber boots, wellies, whatever you want to call them – but a funky pair of boots to wear in the rain. Kate Moss can match them up with her skinny jeans and hold onto some style, well so can we.

Hands down the best selection in one spot is at Diane’s Little Lambs, but their prices are about 10% higher than if you shop around a little. I’ve tried to find you links to the best prices. My favorites…

(My top pick!) Chooka Blue Tattoo City Target Blue Cherry

Target Comic Town Rainboots and Jeffrey Campbell Orange and Paisley Search EC1026146 at Shoes.com

Gabriella Rocha Tall Cherry (Black) Search #7270723 at Zappos.com!

And for the safe (classic) bet – and much cheaper than Marc Jacobs…Overstock has Satra Rain Boots. I think the brown or khaki would be cool.

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