Celebrity lash-fever has spread all over the world. False Eye LashesMadonna‘s personal makeup artist Gina Brooke, who helped create the singer’s disco-inspired look, is credited with setting off a false eyelash frenzy by commissioning a pair of Shu Uemera mink lashes for Madonna.

Oprah ordered 200 pairs of the real fur lashes. Let’s not forget Madonna’s other commission fluttering 1.2 carats of diamonds at $10,000 a pair. The latest false eyelash creations of Mr. Shu Uemura are in dramatic colors and materials, such as feathers.

Shu Uemura launched Tokyo Lash Bars (or buy online) to gain access to exclusive designs that draw attention to your optical assets. Make-up using false eyelashes is regarded as "make-up with motion"- it gives dramatic impact with a bat of an eye. You wear different accessories to match your clothing, why not put on different false lashes to match your fashion? A fashion statement for your eyes.

P.S. I’ve also heard that Shu Uemera’s eye lash curler is "worth every blessed cent." Lucky mag calls it "revered."

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